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How It Works

ExploreEcoNB was designed with users in mind, leading to an application that is both useful and easy to use! The main feature of the app is a Google Maps-based mapping device that allows you to browse through various natural attractions in the province and learn more about the activities and ecology of each, helping you to choose your destination of choice. When it is first downloaded to your device, you will be prompted to review terms and conditions to be able to use the app. These terms and conditions are to ensure the user knows to explore the natural areas at their own risk, practice leave no trace outdoor ethics, and to respect each area visited. The app will not function for the user unless they agree with the conditions above. The user will also have the option to select one of Canada's two official languages—French or English. This can be changed at any time in 'Settings'.

See below for specifics on how to use each section of the application.


When you open the main mapping feature of the app, all natural areas will appear with different colour pins, depending on the partner organization that owns or manages the area.


You can then filter the areas featured in the app by preferred activities, current location, or by partner organization. ExploreEcoNB uses GPS data to identify your location and shows natural attractions nearby. This is a great feature and proves to be useful when either on vacation and trying to find something to do, or when you're at home and trying to discover a new area to explore!

screenshot screenshot

Once you select an area, you can learn more about it by clicking through the following options:



This option allows you to again have the ability to sort through the various natural areas by preferred activities and current location, as well as the official tourism scenic drives in the province.



This section features a list of all of the natural areas on the app for you to browse through and learn more.



Make sure to use the 'Favourite' option to save the places you plan to visit. Doing this will download the natural area data to your phone to be accessed when you're out in the wilderness do not have wireless Internet or data coverage.


Environmental Responsibility

This section is very useful for users who are interested in learning how to do their part to act responsibly to preserve the environment.



This section outlines the list of partner organizations and where there are opportunities to volunteer and get involved in your community! The organization's contact information and mission are also included for you to learn more and hopefully get in touch.



This section provides a list of the organizations or businesses that generously funded this application.



This section lists the partner organizations involved in the project, along with contact information for each.